Connecting Carmarthenshire

Connecting Carmarthenshire is a new preventative support and wellbeing service offering free advice and support to people living in Carmarthenshire.

The latest event will take place Wednesday 6th September between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at the Hub Carmarthen, St Catherine’s Walk. SA31 1GA.

Type 2 Diabetes Support Groups

If you have had diabetes for many years or are newly diagnosed, there are programmes to help you. These can be found on the attached poster, or alternatively contact the Diabetes Dietetic Department on the details below:

Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Support with a Human Touch

Gall pobl 16+ oed yng Nghymru gyrchu cyrsiau am ddim, dan arweiniad, ar-lein ar blatfform Iles SilverCloud®. Gall clientiaid gofrestru ar-lein heb angen atgyfeiriad gan Feddyg Teulu, ond mae croeso ichi arwain ybobl rydych chi’ meddl sy’n addas ar gyfer ygwasanaeth at y ddolen hon:
n seiliedig ar dechnegau Therapi Gwybyddol Ymddygiadol, gall rhaglenni SilverCloud® helpu oedolion a phobl ifanc gwella a chynnal eu lles t r y newid y ffordd y maen nhw’n
meddwl. Mae cymorth ar gael mewn sawl maes megis gorbryder, iselder, cwsg, straen, lles amenedigol a mwy, gan gynnwys rhaglenni i fyfyrwyr a phobl ifanc.
Mae rhaglenni SilverCloud yn addas :i
NHS Annwyl Reolwr y Practis, • • •
Bob sv’n 16+ oed svdd am wella eu Iles a/neu’n profi pryderon iechyd meddwl
ysgafn igymedrol, A
Rhai sydd wedi cofrestru gyda Meddyg Teulu yng Nghymru neu’n byw yng Nghymru, A
Nad d y n nhw’n derbyn gofal iechyd meddwl eilaidd neu leol.
Gall clientiaid ddefnyddio unryw ddyfais gyda chysylitiad i’r rhyngrwyd a gweithio twy’r rhaglen ar gyflymder sy’n s i t i o nhw – rydyn ni’n argymell 15-20 munud, 2-3 gwaith yr wythnos dros gynod o 12 wythnos
Disgwylir i gleientiaid gwblhau cyfres o holiaduron cyn cael eu derbyn, i ystyried a yw’r gwasanaeth yn addas iddyn nhw. Nad yw’r gwasanaeth yn addas igleientiaid sy’n sgorio yn uwch na 14 ar y PHQ9; yn yr achos hwn maent yn cael eu harwain at wasanaethau amgen.
Unwaith mae’r cleientiaid ar y rhaglen, byddant yn derbyn ‘gwiriadau’ bob pythefnos gyda gweithiwr proffesiynol y GIG, twy neges ar-lein, sy’n eu cefnogi twy’r rhaglen. Os yw’r client n cyflwyno gyda pherygl o niwed i’w hunan neu eraill, bydd ei ‘Gefnogwr SilverCloud’ yn cael rhybudd, ac mae gennym weithdrefnau ar waith iddelio @hwn.

People aged 16+ in Wales can access free guided self-help courses on the online wellbeing platform, SilverCloud®. Clients can sign up online without a GP referral, but vou are welcome to signpost people you think might be suitable to this link:
Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, SilverCloud® programmes can help adults and young people improve and maintain their wellbeing by changing how they think and feel about things. There is support for anxiety, depression, sleep, stress, perinatal wellbeing and more, including programmes for students and young people.
SilverCloud programmes are suitable for:
• People aged 16+ who want to improve their wellbeing and/or are experiencing mild- to-moderate mental health concerns AND
• Who are registered with a GP in Wales or live in Wales AND
• Who are not receiving secondary or tertiary mental health care.
Clients can use any device with an internet connection and work through a programme at their own pace – we recommend 15-20 mins, 2-3 times a week over 12 weeks.
Clients are required complete a series of questionnaires before being accepted, to gauge whether the service is suitable for them. The service is not suitable for clients scoring above
14 on PHQ9; they are directed to alternative services.
Once on a programme, clients will have fortnightly ‘check ins’ with a qualified NHS professional, via online message, who supports and guides them through. If a client presents with a risk of harm to themselves or others, their ‘SilverCloud Supporter’ is alerted, and we have procedures in place to deal with this.

One of the first steps in developing the new HDD Pelvic Health pathway has been the development of our new Pelvic Health Website.

The website brings together information about pelvic health conditions, advice, support and treatment options with links to general wellbeing resources. 

NHS 111 Waiting Times

The Wales NHS 111 website now provides information on waiting times by speciality at each health board. Whilst this doesn’t tell individuals where they are on the waiting list it does provide up to date information on the range of current waiting times for the speciality and health board for which they are waiting.

Ultimately, this aims to help people to understand how long they may need to wait. This is similar to the system in place in England but goes further in providing a more realistic understanding of the range of wait times from the average to where the majority have waited up to.

Anyone can access this information from the 111 website and we would encourage you to use this tool through the course of your contact with patients as a means of managing expectations and concerns around waiting times. You may also wish to directly signpost individuals to this information when they contact your practice seeking information on planned care waiting times.

The information will be updated monthly and provides additional information to support people whilst they are waiting, so is a useful tool in helping patients understanding of the position.

IGAS and Scarlet Fever

Mental Health Support for All.

A 24-hour phone line for well-being and mental health support for people living in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire has gone live.

In June 2022, Hywel Dda University Health Board became the first health board in Wales to launch a dedicated mental health advice service, offering support for all age groups through the established 111 call line.

From November 11, 2022, the phone line will have extended hours, making support accessible day and night.

People will be able to access the service by phoning 111 and selecting option 2 where they will be put through to a mental health practitioner.

Mae llinell ffôn 24 awr ar gyfer cymorth llesiant ac iechyd meddwl i bobl sy’n byw yn Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion a Sir Benfro wedi mynd yn fyw.

Ym mis Mehefin 2022, Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda oedd y bwrdd iechyd cyntaf yng Nghymru i lansio gwasanaeth cyngor iechyd meddwl pwrpasol, gan gynnig cymorth i bob grŵp oedran drwy’r llinell alw 111 sefydledig.

O’r wythnos hon ymlaen (Tachwedd 11, 2022), bydd gan y llinell ffôn oriau estynedig, gan wneud cymorth yn hygyrch ddydd a nos.

Bydd pobl yn gallu cael mynediad at y gwasanaeth drwy ffonio 111 a dewis opsiwn 2 lle byddant yn cael eu trosglwyddo i ymarferydd iechyd meddwl.

Wales Mental Health Helpline

CALL:  Wales Mental Health Helpline offers emotional support, free self-help leaflets and signposting to local services for people suffering mental distress as well as their family, friends and carers. Click here for more information.

DAN 27/7:  Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline offers a single point of contact for anyone in Wales wanting further information or help relating to substance misuse.  Click here for more information.

Wales Dementia Helpline:  Offers support, information and signposting for anyone who is living with dementia or caring for a family member or friend with dementia.  More information can be found here.

Bowel Screening Programme in Wales

Next Stage of Optimisation of the Bowel Screening Programme in Wales - people aged 55 to 57 will be invited for screening for the first time

From October 2022, the Bowel Screening Wales programme will begin inviting people aged 55 to 57 for the first time for bowel cancer screening. This will be implemented in a phased approach over 12 months from October 2022 to September 2023. Eligible people will be invited automatically when they are due; they do not need to contact us to request a bowel screening test kit.  The programme will continue to invite those aged 58 to 74 years old. This is the second stage of the programmes age expansion/optimisation plan.

Evidence shows that screening people at a younger age would enable more bowel cancers to be picked up at an earlier stage, where treatment is likely to be more effective and survival chances improved.

People, aged 55 to 74, will be invited for bowel screening with a free NHS test kit sent to their homes every 2 years.

Bowel Screening Wales now uses the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kit which is easier for people to use and only one poo sample is needed. Invitations and test kits are sent by post to their home and participants are asked to complete the test kit and return it to Bowel Screening Wales in the pre-paid envelope using the Royal Mail postal system.

More information on Bowel Screening Wales is available at:   

Your NHS GP Experience Survey

The experience that you received when dealing with the practice is important to us. This might be a face to face appointment with your doctor or another health care professional, a telephone call or another type of practice interaction.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey so that we can understand your views and experiences. We will ask you questions about your latest experience when dealing with the practice, please help us by giving your honest opinion.

If there is anything we have not asked you, please use the space at the end of this survey to tell us.  Click here to view the survey.

gp survey

Cervical Screening Wales

There are about 160 cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in Wales every year.

It is the most common cancer in people with a cervix under the age of 35.

Screening can pick up cell changes and, if needed, these changes can be treated to prevent a cancer progressing.

Screening is a test for cell changes that could lead to cancer if left untreated. Screening is not a test for cancer, but sometimes the test does pick up early cancers. Cervical cancers found early are easier to treat.

Cervical Screening Wales is responsible for the NHS cervical screening programme in Wales, including sending invitations.  We get your details from your doctor’s list, so it is important that your doctor has your correct name and address.

Cervical Screening Wales would like to reassure women and people with a cervix aged 24-49 that cervical screening is both safe and effective.  They have created videos in both Welsh and English to show why cervical screening is important and to tell us about recent changes to the frequency of screening.

Veterans NHS Wales

Veterans can now refer themselves by calling 01570 422577, or with the veterans consent, a referral may be made by friends, family, or anyone else the veteran chooses.  I also enclose our referral form should you wish to make a referral to Veterans NHS Wales by post.

Our Clinical Lead and Veterans Therapist provide comprehensive assessments and psychological therapy to veterans with common mental health problems, which are believed to be attributable to their military service such as PTSD, anxiety and depression.  These difficulties do not have been specifically related to service in combat.  For example, military attributable mental health conditions could arise from peace keeping or humanitarian operations, or being bullied in service, or in response to a military attributable physical injury.  Our staff can also signpost or refer veterans on to other services who can offer appropriate assistance.    Please take a look at our leaflet for further information.

Please see the guidance notes on the referral form here which includes information relating to more complex cases which may require other services.  However, we would welcome you contacting us to discuss individuals cases to help establish if Veterans NHS Wales are best placed to assist.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Veterans NHS Wales in Hywel Dda University Health Board, we have launched a Facebook group, called Veterans NHS Wales Hywel Dda.  This group is here for anyone interested in learning more about military and veterans mental health. 

We want to share information about military and veterans mental health and tell you about the work that Veterans NHS Wales is doing. By sharing this information, we want to help people understand veterans’ mental health.  We want to make people aware of the support that is available for veterans and their families and highlight the work that’s going on in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, and the wider community. We want this group to create a safe space for people to share ideas.

Here is the link to join: 

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the service on 01570 422577.

Gall cyn-filwyr eu hatgyfeirio eu hunain trwy ffonio 01570 422577, neu, gyda chydsyniad y cyn-filwr, gall atgyfeiriad gael ei wneud gan ffrindiau, teulu, neu unrhyw un arall y mae’r cyn-filwr yn ei ddewis. Amgaeaf hefyd ein ffurflen atgyfeirio, rhag ofn y byddwch am wneud atgyfeiriad trwy’r post at GIG Cymru i Gyn-filwyr.

Mae ein Harweinydd Clinigol a’n Therapydd Cyn-filwyr yn darparu asesiadau cynhwysfawr a therapi seicolegol i gyn-filwyr sydd â phroblemau iechyd meddwl cyffredin, y credir eu bod yn deillio o’u gwasanaeth milwrol, er enghraifft PTSD, gorbryder ac iselder. Nid oes rhaid bod yr anawsterau hyn yn gysylltiedig yn uniongyrchol ag ymladd wrth wasanaethu. Er enghraifft, gall cyflyrau iechyd meddwl y gellir eu priodoli i’r byd milwrol ddeillio o ymgyrchoedd cadw’r heddwch neu ymgyrchoedd dyngarol, neu o gael eich bwlio yn y gwasanaeth, neu mewn ymateb i anaf corfforol y gellir ei briodoli i’r byd milwrol. Gall ein staff hefyd gyfeirio neu atgyfeirio cyn-filwyr at wasanaethau eraill a all gynnig cymorth priodol.  Edrychwch ar ein taflen am ragor o wybodaeth.

Gweler y nodiadau canllaw ar y ffurflen atgyfeirio yma, sy’n cynnwys gwybodaeth sy’n berthnasol i achosion mwy cymhleth lle gallai gwasanaethau eraill fod yn ofynnol. Fodd bynnag, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni i drafod achosion unigol er mwyn helpu i sefydlu ai GIG Cymru i Gyn-filwyr sydd yn y sefyllfa orau i’ch cynorthwyo.

I ddathlu 10fed pen-blwydd GIG Cymru i Gyn-filwyr ym Mwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda, rydym wedi lansio grŵp Facebook o’r enw Veterans NHS Wales Hywel Dda. Mae’r grŵp hwn yma ar gyfer unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb mewn dysgu rhagor am iechyd meddwl aelodau’r lluoedd arfog a chyn-filwyr.

 Rydym am rannu gwybodaeth am iechyd meddwl aelodau’r lluoedd arfog a chyn-filwyr, a dweud wrthych am y gwaith y mae GIG Cymru i Gyn-filwyr yn ei wneud. Trwy rannu’r wybodaeth hon, rydym am helpu pobl i ddeall iechyd meddwl cyn-filwyr. Rydym am sicrhau bod pobl yn ymwybodol o’r cymorth sydd ar gael ar gyfer cyn-filwyr a’u teuluoedd, a thynnu sylw at y gwaith sy’n cael ei wneud yn Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion a Sir Benfro, ac yn y gymuned ehangach. Rydym am i’r grŵp hwn greu man diogel i bobl rannu syniadau.

 Yma, y mae’r ddolen i ymuno: 

Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau, sylwadau neu awgrymiadau, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â’r gwasanaeth ar 01570 422577.

Dementia Support

If you need dementia support please call 03300 947 400.  Alternatively, email

Feeling Breathless?

MIND Community Wellness Drop-In Centre

Come and join us at our brand new drop-in centre for support, advice or a chat at Llandovery Catholic Hall.  More information can be found here

Other meeting times and locations can be found here.