Community Pharmacy

Did you know that your local community pharmacy does a lot more than dispense medication? In some cases they can save you a trip to a GP or hospital accident and emergency department and because you don’t have to make an appointment they offer a quick and flexible way to access health care. The majority also have a private consulting room which provides you with the same sort of private and confidential setting as a GP surgery and many are open in the evenings and on weekends.

Community Pharmacy - UTIs

Os oes gennych symptomau Haint y Llwybr Wrinol (UTI) mae rhai fferyllfeydd cymunedol bellach yn cynnig gwasanaeth UTI i fenywod rhwng 16 a 64 oed.

Ar ôl cydsynio i dderbyn triniaeth, bydd y fferyllydd yn gofyn cyfres o gwestiynau i chi ac, os oes angen, yn gofyn i chi ddarparu sampl wrin (bydd poteli ar gael). Gellir profi’r sampl wrin i weld a yw UTI yn debygol o fod yn bresennol.

If you have symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) some community pharmacies now offer a UTI service for women aged 16 to 64.

After consenting to receive treatment, the pharmacist will ask you a series of questions and, if necessary, ask you to provide a urine sample (bottles will be available). The urine sample may be tested to check whether a UTI is likely to be present.