Clinics and Other Services

Vaccination Clinic

All patients should keep their tetanus immunity up-to-date with a booster every 10 years. Children and adolescents will routinely be sent appointments as part of the child health programme. Each autumn we run flu vaccination clinics. We strongly recommend these for the over 65s, as well as all patients with diabetes, chest, heart complaints or kidney, liver, immunity problems and those who care for a person in poor health. It is recommended that all 65 year olds have one pneumonia vaccination in their lifetime, which the nurse can provide for you.

Weight Reduction Consultations

Helpful advice is available on a personal basis from the practice nurses during normal surgery hours – please book a double appointment.

Well Man Clinic

This clinic is by appointment only and run by the Practice Nurse team.

Well Woman Clinic

This clinic is by appointment only and run by the Practice Nurse team.

Asthma Clinic

We call our patients with asthma for regular reviews.

Cervical Cytology (Smears) Clinic

This clinic is by appointment only. Clinics are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We can offer alternative appointments if you are unable to attend during the dedicated days. To arrange a smear test contact the surgery on 01550 720 648.

Child Health Surveillance & Immunisations Clinic

Clinics are run by one of our doctors and health visitor. It offers general advice and routine screening examinations by the doctor. Takes place Wednesday afternoons at 2pm.

Consultant Attachment

A Consultant psychiatrist visits Llanfair Surgery and holds a clinic every week.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

Clinics are held every Thursday. The Practice Nurse Team run this clinic by appointment only aiming to provide an annual check-up. Patients will be contacted by the practice to arrange a clinic appointment.

Cryo Clinic

Regular cryo clinics are held at the main surgery for the treatment of skin problems. You will be offered an appointment once you have seen the GP and the condition has been deemed suitable for cryo therapy.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is by appointment only and run by our nursing team and a doctor. Clinics are held every Tuesday of the month at 2pm – 5pm. We call all our diabetic patients for regular review and monitor their state of well-being.

Family Planning Clinic

A range of family planning services is available, including emergency contraception during normal surgery hours. We do not offer contraceptive implants or fit coils.

Minor Surgery Clinic

Surgical procedures are arranged through consultation with Dr Powell.

Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy tests are available in the surgery (or over the counter in supermarkets and chemists). If you think you are pregnant, please arrange to see the doctor as soon as possible. The “booking in” care is completed by a midwife at 9 weeks. After this, you will be invited to attend the midwife run antenatal clinics Wednesday mornings in Llandovery Hospital. You will continue to be seen for 10-days after your labour. After this time the Health Visitor, Lorna Cunniffe will watch over your child’s development.
A postnatal check-up for mother and baby is undertaken by a GP at eight-weeks after labour. Please ensure you have had your check before your baby’s first injections.

Smoking Cessation

Are you serious about quitting? Contact the Specialist Smoking Cessation Service for FREE and FRIENDLY advice and support to help you become smoke free.
Call: 0300 303 9652

Counselling Service

Voluntary organisations provide counselling which is available through the doctor.

Stress Control Training

Stress Control is a 7-session course and is for people who want to learn better ways to get on top of their problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, poor sleep and low self-confidence. This course is free and available throughout Carmarthenshire.
Please contact:
LLANELLI : 07816 064643