Bowel Screening Wales
Information for Carers

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in Wales. Bowel screening aims to find cancer at an early stage when treatment is likely to be more effective. Early detection is key. At least 9 out of 10 people will survive bowel cancer if it is found and treated early.  

Bowel screening is currently offered to people who are aged between 55 and 74 and live in Wales. We get address information directly from GPs. It is important that the person’s correct home address is registered with the GP. We do not hold any medical information.

Benefits of Screening

  • Finding bowel cancer early gives a person the best chance of survival.
  • At least 9 out of 10 people survive bowel cancer if it is found early.
  • Bowel screening can help find bowel cancer early, even if a person is well and does not have any symptoms.
  • People can complete the bowel test kit at their place of residence.
  • The bowel screening test kit is quick and easy to do, with just one small sample of poo needed.

As a carer you may have your own personal views about taking part in screening. Your view may differ from that of the person you care for and you may feel that the person you care for is not making the ‘right’ decision.

You must remember that your role is to provide the person with the correct information (in an appropriate format) and support, so that they can make an informed decision to take part in  screening or not.  The form below may help you to provide this informed information.

Unpaid Carers: Information, Advice & Support

  • Carmarthenshire Carers Information Service website can be found here.
  • Carers and Community Support Team website can be found here.
  • Pembrokeshire Carers Information and  Support Services  website can be found here.

Living In A Care Home In Wales

Free NHS Support for Carers to Quit Smoking

Did you know that you can get 12 weeks free Nicotine Replacement Treatment (NRT) and telephone support to help with quitting smoking?

  • As a carer looking after your own health and wellbeing is important and becoming smoke-free can give you the extra energy you need.
  • It will also leave you with extra money in your pocket to enjoy some of the things in life that really matter to you.
  • No need to travel to appointments and flexible times for phone calls to fit in with your caring responsibilities.
  • You will get a call to arrange your first telephone appointment with your advisor to discuss options for NRT products or medication, plus advice to help with any cravings during your quit.
  • There will also be ongoing telephone support from a trained advisor to help you to stay focussed on your goal and to talk through any challenges along the way.

Research shows that you are 3 times more likely to quit smoking with a combination of NRT products and personal support in place.

Why not give it a try phone us today on: 0300 303 9652.

Alternatively, scan the QR code opposite.

Mental Health Support for Carers

Carmarthen Mind

Have your caring responsibilities had an impact on your own mental health?

Are you an unpaid carer for someone experiencing mental health issues?

Would you benefit from a specific service designed to support your complex caring role?

Call or text 07572 141 996


More information can be found here in Welsh or English.

Listening Support Service for Carers

Carers Grants for Unpaid Carers

Newyddion gwych!  Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi darparu Grant Gofalwyr ar gyfer Gofalwyr di-dâl o bob oed yng Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion, a Sir Benfro. Mae grantiau ar gael ar gyfer talebau bwyd gwerth £100, nwyddau gwynion / eitemau hanfodol (hyd at £300), cymorth iechyd a lles ac atgyweiriadau hanfodol i’r cartref.

Great news! The Welsh Government have made available Carers Grant for unpaid Carers of all ages in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, and Pembrokeshire. There are grants available for £100 food vouchers, white goods / essential items (up to the value of £300), health and wellbeing support and essential household repairs.

Email the appropriate link below:

Are you a Carer?

Are you a Carer?  Let us know

 A Carer is someone who looks after a partner, relative or friend who cannot manage without help because of illness frailty or disability, you may or may not live together.

What Can We Do To Help?

The Practice holds a list of those patients who are Carers and who have agreed to be on the register. The register enables the practice to provide Carers with information on local and national support and help. We can also arrange a referral to Social Services for a Carers Needs Assessment and other voluntary service agencies if required.


How Can You Register As A Carer?

Registration forms are available in the surgery, downloadable from this page or you can speak to any staff member. Forms are also available from other voluntary organisations.

Jayne Davies is our Practice Carer’s Lead and you can ask to speak to her by telephone on 01550 720648 or come into the surgery for a chat.

Applying For A Carer's Grant.

What Is A Carer's Needs Assessment?

A Carer’s Needs Assessment is your opportunity to tell Social Services about the things that could make caring easier for you and it is an assessment of your needs, not those of the person you are caring for. Every Carer is entitled to an assessment and when you register with us as a Carer, the practice will offer you the chance of a referral.

How Do I Find Out More Information?

The practice has a dedicated Carers notice board in the waiting room with a lot of information and news of local events.

More Information For Carers


Carmarthenshire County Council

More information about support for carers can be found here. 

Young Adult Carers (16-25)

For more information for young adult carers please call 0300 0200 002. 

Or an advisor can also be reached by mobile on 07535449686

Alternatively Email melanie@carmarthenshire

Hywel Dda University Health Board

For more information for carers in English please visit the Hywel Dda website.

If you would like to view this service in Welsh please visit the Hywel Dda website.

Carmarthenshire Carers Information Service

Please write to the Carmarthenshire Carers Information Service at the following address:

The Palms Unit 3

96 Queen Street


SA15 2TH

Alternatively you may choose to phone them on 03000 200002.

Or Email for more information

Carmarthenshire Young Carers Service

Please write to the Carmarthenshire Young Carers Service at the following address:

Ty Elwyn
Town Hall Square,
SA15 3AP

Alternatively you can phone them on 01554 742630

Or please visit their website.

Other Useful Links

Please visit Carers Wales to find out more about  what support and advice is available to you.

Alternatively visit the NHS website for more information.

If you would like to view resources on Alzheimer’s, visit the Alzheimer’s Society.